Tuesday, October 25, 2016

SG SQL UG Meetup - Oct 2016


Dear All,

Its meetup time again at Singapore SQL PASS Chapter. Please refer below for the details.


November 2nd - 6:45 PM to 7 PM - Registration and Snacks

7 PM to 8 PM - Topic 1 - Presentation by Dharmendra Keshari

8:00 PM to 8:15 - Break

8:15 PM to 9:00 - Topic 2 - Presentation by Vikas Rai

Location: Microsoft Office, One Marina Boulevard, Conf Room SINOMB 22CF-12

Topic 1: The Secret of the SQL Server Database Boot Page


We will be exploring some secretive information about SQL Server Brain page also known as boot page. What is pseudo-simple recovery model? How will you come to know your SQL server was upgraded from which version to which version? How does the SQL Server make sure, a full backup has happened before the log backup?

Speaker Profile: Dharmendra Keshari

Dharmendra Keshari has strong and in-depth experience in Database Management and its internals. Currently, working as Senior Database Administrator in one of the best organization in Singapore. He is an avid, regular mentor on social media, helping several enthusiast in solving problems related to Database management. He has completed certification for “Microsoft SQL Server® 2008, Implementation” and “Maintenance & Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database”

Topic 2: Introduction to R and Data Science

Synopsis: The session will be focused towards providing the basic understanding of R Programming language. To provide fundamental knowledge on Analytics and how it assists in decision making. How to work on statistical concepts like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis and the approach to use statistical techniques and R language.

Speaker Profile: Vikas Rai

Vikas Rai, a technocrat with over 14 years of rich experience in various aspects of Enterprise Architecture, Data Science, Security (Infra & Apps) and Quality Management, is currently working as APAC BI Senior Solution Architect at L'Oréal. Vikas is also Skilled trainer for Microsoft technologies and Project Management Courses.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SG SQL UG Meetup - Sept 2016

Dear All,

Its meetup time again at Singapore SQL PASS Chapter.  Please refer below for the details.


September 29th - 6:45 PM to 7 PM - Registration and Snacks

7 PM to 8 PM - Topic 1 - Presentation by Mohit Nirawal

8:00 PM to 8:15 - Break

8:15 PM to 9:30 - Topic 2 - Presentation by Nagaraj Venkatesan

Location: Microsoft Office, One Marina Boulevard, Conf Room SINOMB 22CF-15

Topic 1: DMV:Sql Server DBA best friend

Synopsis: With SQL Server  Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) You can find server top wait types,memory pressure, most CPU intensive stored procedures,database missing indexes, and identify unused indexes. This session , presents and explains over twenty DMV queries that we can quickly run to detect and diagnose performance issues in our environment.

Speaker Profile: Mohit Niranwal

Mohit Niranwal,works as a DBA  at InternationalSoS based in Singapore.He holds MCSE Sql Server 2012 data platform certification, with over 10 years experience in IT.He has worked with all versions of SQL Server starting  from 7 in various dev/admin roles, with an emphasis in performance tuning.

Topic 2:  SQL Server Query Store - The Real "Deal"


"Why my database performance has been suddenly slow?
 Have my query plans changed?
 Which plans have regressed and since when?
 Is there any way I can control the plan change without changing the source code?"
If you have encountered any of the above situations, then query store is your remedy. SQL Server Query store is one of the path breaking features released in SQL Server 2016. The presentation will showcase how query store is a boon in handling sudden performance degradations, plan changes and analyzing query performance patterns over a period of time. Presentation will also demonstrate the power of query store in forcing query plans and compare it against options available in earlier versions of SQL Server. Presentation will have interesting demos on tracking plan regressions and on scenarios the use force plans feature. At the end of the session, audience will have a clear understanding on how query store becomes their new important weapon in their arsenal, for performance

Speaker Profile: Nagaraj Venkatesan
Nagaraj Venkatesan, a SQL Server enthusiast exploring SQL Server for the last 10 years. Working for NCS Pte Ltd as SQL Server DBA, Nagaraj maintains databases used by one of the busiest public facing applications in the city. He frequently blogs at http://strictlysql.blogspot.com and is a regular contributor sqlservercentral.com. Besides these, he also holds a Masters Degree in Computing from National University of Singapore

Download Link for the Slides: here