Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DataCamp 2017 - Schedule of Sessions

Dear All,

As you may be aware, we, Singapore SQL Server User Group is organizing one day free event called "Data Camp" on March 11th. The event features several MVPs, MCMs and Microsoft Professionals too. Schedule of sessions is provided below

Do register for the event at https://www.meetup.com/mssgug/events/236952292/

See you on March 11th!!!

Singapore SQL Server User Group Team

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pre Conference - "Indexes – The Complete Story" - March 10th - Andreas Wolter

Dear All,
We are again lucky for the second time to have Mr.Andreas Wolter, MVP, MCM, MCSM from Germany deliver one day pre conference seminar on March 10th 2017. Andreas will be speaking on the topic "Indexes – The Complete Story: from pages to in-memory storage".
Limited seats available. For our Singapore SQL Server Community, we have come up with a super early bird price of just 150$. So, don't miss the chance to gain in depth knowledge from the best in the business. Please register and purchase the ticket for the event at the link provided below.
Detailed abstract of the session and speaker profile provided below:


This training day will introduce you to essential indexing concepts of SQL Server: How data is stored in SQL Server, and how indexes change the game. We will look at disk-based objects and also briefly at memory optimized objects to gain a complete picture of how tables can store data and how access to the data can be optimized via indexes.
You will learn about important concepts of indexes that one should be aware of like “when are certain indexes not considered for a query plan”, “why indexes can even considerably slow down a system”, “why memory optimized indexes are not automatically faster than disk-based indexes” and many others.
This is probably the first workshop ever to treat traditional page-based indexes together with Column store and even memory-objects at the same time, as valid alternatives. Don’t miss this chance to obtain an overview of which possibilities exist today in terms of table- & index-design to speed up database-systems and to ask the questions that you have always wanted to ask.
Level: This one day seminar ranges between Level 200 and 400, to get everybody on the same page but also be able to point out some little-known internals.
1.Storage basics for HEAPS and Indexes

2.Clustered Indexes & Non clustered Indexes in Detail

3.More Options at hand: Included Columns and Filtered Indexes

4.Column store Indexes introduction

5.In-Memory OLTP Indexes introduction

6.Statistics – what are they good for and how do they work?

7.Index maintenance: the good the bad the ugly

Speaker Profile :

Andreas Wolter is both a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) on SQL Server 2008 and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master Data Platform (MCSM) SQL Server 2012 – making him one of only 2 experts worldwide being master-certified on SQL Server 2008 and 2012. Besides that he has also been awarded with the MVP for SQL Server since 2014.

As the founder of Sarpedon Quality Lab a Germany-based company he has over 16 years of experience with SQL Server, helping customers worldwide with Development and Optimization of SQL Server Database- and large Datawarehouse-architectures focusing on performance and scalability and a special passion for security.

Since many years he can be met at various international conferences starting from the biggest SQL Server conference in the US but also in local user groups. Also he is delivering exclusive training for the SQL Server Master-Class seminar-series.

You can follow him at Twitter at @AndreasWolter and find his blog at www.insidesql.org/blogs/andreaswolter .

Rush and grab your tickets before they fill up!!! Email us or post here if you have any questions. Thanks.

Singapore SQL Server User Group Team

Monday, February 13, 2017

DataCamp 2017 - Singapore - March 11th

Dear all,

We, Singapore SQL Server User Group Team, are happy to announce "Data Camp 2017", a one day free event for SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform technologies to be held on 11th March 2017. The event will have top quality technical content delivered by Data platform experts in this region. The event features 8 MVP award winners, 3 Microsoft Professionals and 6 overseas speakers!!! Details provided below

List of speakers and topic of sessions provided below

Monitoring of Availability Groups with DMVs and XEvents
SQL On Linux - Architecture
Data Mining with ANN
Processing unstructured data
SQL Server Hardware Sizing
Power BI Story - for everyone
Silenced Secrets of Security
SQL Server Partitioning: Things you should know
Mohit Nirawal
Cardinality Estimator: A Ride from SQL 7.0 to SQL Server 2016
SQL Server 2016 BI Features and Enhancements
High Performance Database Design
Practical Tips and Tricks using SQL Server Tools
Capturing and managing data in Azure
 Prakash Sawant
To Be Announced
SQLLite – Mobile development using Xamarin

Click below to register for the event : https://www.meetup.com/mssgug/events/236952292/

Go ahead, register and don't miss the opportunity to learn from the Masters!!!

Singapore SQL Server User Group Team

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SG SQL UG Meetup - Sept 2016

Dear All,

Its meetup time again at Singapore SQL PASS Chapter.  Please refer below for the details.


September 29th - 6:45 PM to 7 PM - Registration and Snacks

7 PM to 8 PM - Topic 1 - Presentation by Mohit Nirawal

8:00 PM to 8:15 - Break

8:15 PM to 9:30 - Topic 2 - Presentation by Nagaraj Venkatesan

Location: Microsoft Office, One Marina Boulevard, Conf Room SINOMB 22CF-15

Topic 1: DMV:Sql Server DBA best friend

Synopsis: With SQL Server  Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) You can find server top wait types,memory pressure, most CPU intensive stored procedures,database missing indexes, and identify unused indexes. This session , presents and explains over twenty DMV queries that we can quickly run to detect and diagnose performance issues in our environment.

Speaker Profile: Mohit Niranwal

Mohit Niranwal,works as a DBA  at InternationalSoS based in Singapore.He holds MCSE Sql Server 2012 data platform certification, with over 10 years experience in IT.He has worked with all versions of SQL Server starting  from 7 in various dev/admin roles, with an emphasis in performance tuning.

Topic 2:  SQL Server Query Store - The Real "Deal"


"Why my database performance has been suddenly slow?
 Have my query plans changed?
 Which plans have regressed and since when?
 Is there any way I can control the plan change without changing the source code?"
If you have encountered any of the above situations, then query store is your remedy. SQL Server Query store is one of the path breaking features released in SQL Server 2016. The presentation will showcase how query store is a boon in handling sudden performance degradations, plan changes and analyzing query performance patterns over a period of time. Presentation will also demonstrate the power of query store in forcing query plans and compare it against options available in earlier versions of SQL Server. Presentation will have interesting demos on tracking plan regressions and on scenarios the use force plans feature. At the end of the session, audience will have a clear understanding on how query store becomes their new important weapon in their arsenal, for performance

Speaker Profile: Nagaraj Venkatesan
Nagaraj Venkatesan, a SQL Server enthusiast exploring SQL Server for the last 10 years. Working for NCS Pte Ltd as SQL Server DBA, Nagaraj maintains databases used by one of the busiest public facing applications in the city. He frequently blogs at http://strictlysql.blogspot.com and is a regular contributor sqlservercentral.com. Besides these, he also holds a Masters Degree in Computing from National University of Singapore

Download Link for the Slides: here

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

SQL Saturday Singapore 2016 - A Grand Success

Dear All,
Can't believe it’s over!!!! It was an awesome awesome SQL Saturday Singapore...There were so many people to thank for the great success of this event.

* Let me start off with YOU - Singapore SQL Community. Without your interest, passion and the enthusiasm we wouldn't have thought of doing a SQL Saturday in first place. Thanks for giving us a good attendance in all our meetups and encouraging us to do this event.
* PASS - Thanks to PASS for giving us a platform to arrange for an event of this scale. Without PASS support, we wouldn't have had the access to so many world class speakers for sure and event wouldn't have been such a success
* Microsoft, our Gold sponsor for the event - Thanks for the tremendous support for the event. Be it providing a venue, arranging food and taking in all our last minute requests. Don't recall how many times I would have disturbed Koh Ming Hao with countless emails and phone calls at odd hours for the event. Thanks to Vivek Ravindran, Tamarai, Harminder SethiPrakash Sawant for their priceless support without which this event would not have been possible
* Volunteers - Thanks to the gentle men with the "Red Tee" during the event. We formed a team just few days ago and how well we worked...Thanks for the selfless service rendered in the last 2 days. Thanks to Rehan RockerManjuke FernandoVikash RaiMohit Niranwal, Abhishek Patel, Anand RajAlvin Lau and Sakthish Kumar for your help
* Speakers - Thanks to the overwhelming response for our event. We still wonder how lucky we are to have speakers from United States to Australia travelling 1000s of miles, speakers from the product team and industry experts. Joe young , Pinal DaveVinod Kumar MDenny CherryJoey D'Antoni, Glenn Morris, Harminder sethi, James Beresford, Andreas Wolter, Stefan Riedel, Kevin Boles, Krishna Deepak, Subramani- Can't thank you all enough for the wonderful technical sessions
Special Thanks to Andreas Wolter for making a successful pre conference event too.
Special Thanks to Kevin Boles for covering an additional session in the last minute
Special Thanks to Harminder Sethi for taking a 90 minute session when one of the previously announced speakers couldn't make it
* Sponsors - Thanks to all our Sponsors - Gill Technologies, Red Gate, Devart, Sarpedon Quality labs for the raffle gifts and all the support for the event.
* Last but not least - Our Team, Singapore SQL Saturday Team -Dharmendra KeshariKhilitchandra PrajapatiSarbjit Singh Gill. Yes, little weird to thank ourselves but still thanks for surviving the grueling last few weeks and for all the efforts :)
Once again, Thank you every one and we promise to be back stronger, bigger and better next year!!! #sqlsat549

More photos of the event can be found here.  

Friday, July 29, 2016

SG SQL UG Meetup - July 2016

Date: July 28th 2016
July 28th - 6:45 PM to 7 PM - Registration and Snacks
7 PM to 8 PM - Topic 1 - Presentation by Dharmendra Keshari
8:00 PM to 8:15 - Break
8:15 PM to 9:30 - Topic 2 - Presentation by Nagaraj Venkatesan
Location: Microsoft Office, One Marina Boulevard, Conf Room SINOMB 22CF-15
Topic 1: SQL Server - Extended Events – Part2
Synopsis: Extended events aids in performance tuning and in day to day administration especially when you don't have any benchmarking data for troubleshooting issues. In this session, we will see extended event architecture, an event life cycle, how we can use default extended events session to analyze the health of SQL Server on periodically. Besides these, the presentation would also cover advance level troubleshooting like query compilation, Tempdb contention issue are many more…
Speaker Profile: Dharmendra Keshari
Dharmendra Keshari has strong and in-depth experience in Database Management and its internals. Currently, working as Senior Database Administrator in one of the best organization in Singapore. He is an avid, regular mentor on social media, helping several enthusiast in solving problems related to Database management. He has completed certification for “Microsoft SQL Server® 2008, Implementation” and “Maintenance & Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database”

Topic 2:  Cardinality Estimator - Before 2014 and After
Synopsis: Cardinality estimator providing row estimates, plays a pivotal role in obtaining efficient query plans. Cardinality Estimator algorithm which remained unchanged since SQL 7.0, was revamped in SQL Server 2014. The presentation will take a ride through the new cardinality estimator, showcase the need for the significant redesign and demonstrate the new cardinality estimator's efficiency at different scenarios. Presentation will also cover how one can perform regressive testing, checking for any performance degradation on new cardinality estimator and how they can be handled gracefully.
Speaker Profile: Nagaraj Venkatesan
Nagaraj Venkatesan, a SQL Server enthusiast exploring SQL Server for the last 10 years. Working for NCS Pte Ltd as SQL Server DBA, Nagaraj maintains databases used by one of the busiest public facing applications in the city. He frequently blogs at strictlysql.blogspot.com and is a regular contributor sqlservercentral.com. Besides these, he also holds a Masters Degree in Computing from National University of Singapore
Download Link for the Slides: here

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

SQL Saturday Pre conference 2016 by Andreas Wolter !!!

Dear All,

We are very happy to announce the first ever SQL Server Pre conference in Singapore scheduled on 19th August 2016.Pre conference seminars one day deep dive technical training provided by World Class Master for a small audience. It is 8 hours of learning, deep dive technical stuff delivered by the best of the best in the business, coming to you at a very nominal price. For the first ever SQL Server Pre Conference in Singapore, we are honored to have "Andreas Wolter" from Germany. Andreas Wolter is a Microsoft Certified Master (SQL 2008) and Microsoft Certified Solution Master (SQL 2012) making him one of the just two in the globe to have a "Master" certification on both SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008. Andreas is also a Data Platform MVP and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Details provided below.

Topic: SQL Server Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting with a Master
Date: August 19th 2016
Time: 8:30 AM to 6 PM
Early bird pricing : 308.75 s$
Regular pricing: 349.75 s$
Early bird pricing is for first 5 registrants only.

Registration URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sql-server-precon-performance-monitoring-troubleshooting-with-a-master-tickets-26542439150

SG SQL PASS Chapter Team